SOFCMAN Self-Compressed Stack Types

Data sheet:

 Cell type Anode-supported, NiO-YSZ/YSZ/ CGO /LSCF-CGO
 Degradation rate ≤2%/1000h@750℃,0.7V-0.75V, FU= 60%
 Thermal cycling Viable
 Extra pressure No need

Product information:

SOFCMAN-SCS700: Self-Compressed Stack 700W 154*154*440mm; about 25kg SOFCMAN-SCS2000: Self-Compressed Stack 2000W 190*190*440mm; about 35kg
Price:13000RMB Price:26000RMB

SOFCMAN-SCSH700: Self-Compressed Stack with Hood 700W 190*190*460mm; about 31kg SOFCMAN-SCSH2000: Self-Compressed Stack with Hood 2000W 230*230*460mm; about 43kg
Price:15000RMB Price:28000RMB
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