NIMTE runs SOFC single stack module at 2kW

NIMTE has recently cut the 30-cell standard stack module (10cmX10cmX7.5cm) price from 5000 USD to 1000 USD. This news has attracted an enormous attention in the SOFC society since it was published at Due to optimized design and manufacture processing, as well as yield increase, the operating power per stack has improved from 500W to 700W at the same time of the price cut. We see a big interest in our product in these months, some of customers from US, Europe, Japan, and Korea already placed orders to make tests.

NIMTE further rolls out a new product of the 30-cell stack at a power of 2kW. The cell area is enlarged from 10cmX10cm to 14cmX14cm,our 30-cell stack (14cmX14cmX8cm) with double area showed a peak power of 2.6kW and current of 128A at 750℃. Under a self-sustained condition, the stack power reached 2.2kW, at a current of 90A, average cell voltage of 0.8V, fuel utilization of 68%, and electric efficiency of 44%. The volumetric power density is over 1.4kW/L. Such stack module priced at 15000 RMB, approximately 2500 USD, or 2000 Euro depending on the currency exchange.