NIMTE enact drastic price cut on SOFC stack testing devices

FECT, Division of Fuel Cell and Energy Technology, Ningbo Materials Institute of Technology and Engineering, is selling SOFC products around the world. The products mainly include SOFC powders, cells, stacks and systems. And the SOFC stack testing devices (e.g. Stack Testing Hotbox and Steam Generator) are on the list too. A 1kW Stack Testing Hotbox, which is used for SOFC stack testing, includes a furnace, temperature controller, loading and monitoring device, and a 30-cell anode-supported stack module. A Steam Generator is used for hydrogen production by water electrolysis, with the water evaporation capacity of 0.01-15ml/min. Now the Stack Testing Hotbox and Steam Generator have a drastic price cut, the price reduced from 20,000.00 USD (16,000.00 EUR) to 10,000.00 USD (8,000.00 EUR).