NIMTE attended workshop on electrolysis and recycling of CO2 in Denmark

"Workshop on electrolysis and recycling of CO2" was held on April 9th~11th in Riso, Denmark. This is the 3rd in a series of international workshop co-organized by Lenfest Centre, Columbia University, and Department of Energy Conversion and Storage, Denmark Technology University (previously part of Riso National Laboratory). Dr. Cheng Xu and her PhD student, Qingshan Li, from Division of Full Cell&Energy Technology, NIMTE, attended the workshop in Denmark.

Carbon dioxide capture and recycling has been attracting increasing interests of scientists and enterprisers in the world. Denmark is one of leading countries in this field, and Riso is one of the worldly-renowned research center of solid oxide electrolysis (SOE). This workshop held in Denmark attracted researchers and enterprises from countries such as USA, Denmark, UK, France, Germany, Netherland, Italy, Japan and China. The topics included energy conversion and storage, electrolysis technology, hydrocarbon fuel synthesis from electrolysis and CO2 capture, and the commercialization status and prospects of electrolysis, mostly SOE.

Dr. Xu leads a research group at NIMTE focusing on solid oxide electrolysis technology, which can be combined with nuclear, wind and solar power for mass hydrogen production and CO2 recycling as well as chemical plants (such as ammonia and cement plants) for CO2 emission control. Her group contributed two posters in this workshop, and gave an introduction of the progress of SOE technology development at NIMTE. This visit provided an opportunity of a broad discussion with researchers from the world and of obtaining a full knowledge of the layout of related field and the development of the relevant industry. It would be a great help for future research and project development.