Stack Module Performance Improved Significantly with Unchanged Price

Standard SOFC stack modules (NIMTE-A-Stack) have been produced by Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology and Engineering (NIMTE) consisting of 30 pieces of anode-supported cells. The stack modules are sold globally. Right now, the performance of stacks has been improved significantly. The operating output power of NIMTE-A-Stack has been improved from ≥300W@(0.55V, 800℃) to ≥500W@(0.75V, 800℃), and the degradation rate of NIMTE-A-Stack has been reduced from ≤5%/1000h@(0.8V, 800℃) to ≤1%/1000h@(0.75V, 800℃) with corresponding fuel utilization of greater than 50%. The performance of NIMTE-A-Stack has been improved significantly, but the sale price remains unchanged. Welcome to buy our SOFC stack products.