NIMTE Delegation attends 10th European SOFC Forum

The 10th European SOFC Forum was held in Lucerne, Switzerland from June 26 to 29. A 7-number delegation from NIMTE attended the event. This time, Solid Oxide Fuel Cells and Electrolysers, Proton Conducting Ceramic Fuel Cells and Mixed Ione-Electronic Ceramics – SOFC, SOE, PCFC and MIEC – were featured. The topics ranged from material to systems and FC&H demonstrations and deployment projects.

Prof. Wang Wei Guo, deputy director of NIMTE, director of Division of Fuel Cell & Energy Technology (FCET), was invited to make plenary talk entitled 'Current SOFC Development in China: Challenges and Solutions for SOFC Technologies' after opening ceremony. In his talk, current status and development on SOFC field in China were introduced. The realization of commercialization of SOFC products in future was directed as well.

Prof. Ye Shuang, leader of system integration Group of FCET, made a talk entitled 'SOFC System Integration Activities in NIMTE' with theme of 'Company & Major Groups development status (Worldwide)' from oral presentation session. The other 5 numbers of the delegation, Peng Jun, Lv Xinyan, Shen Pin, Zhang Yi, Guo Cunxin, made poster presentation in poster session.

SOFC products made by NIMTE were exhibited in the event, showing the recent progress and achievement on SOFC single cell, stack and system. Lots of participants were attracted for the good quality and fine price. This exhibition provided further opportunities for collaborative efforts between the NIMTE and their international counterparts.

EFCF is a high-level academic activity for the researchers in SOFC field. This event is also an opportunity for cooperation between SOFC international counterparts. More than 400 scholars and experts from companies, universities and institutes of were invited to participate in this important event and have an in-depth discussion.