Thursday 14 January 2021
      BREAKING!!! Successful Operation of 25 kW SOFC Power Generation System
  Wednesday 8 June 2016
      SOFCMAN sets a world record in stack module performance
  Friday 15 November 2013
      NIMTE runs SOFC single stack module at 2kW
  Sunday 29 September 2013
      Kilowatt-scale SOFC Power Generation System
  Monday 21 October 2013
      NIMTE enact drastic price cut on SOFC stack testing devices
  Thursday 5 September 2013
      Astonishing prices for high quality SOFC cells and stacks
  Monday 24 June 2013
      Double Performance, Retaining Price
  Friday 12 April 2013
      NIMTE attended workshop on electrolysis and recycling of CO2 in Denmark
  Thursday 1 November 2012
      Cell Performances Improved Significantly from NIMTE
  Wednesday 24 October 2012
      Researcher from CEA-Liten visits NIMTE
  Friday 28 September 2012
      Stack Module Performance Improved Significantly with Unchanged Price
  Monday 9 July 2012
      NIMTE Delegation attends 10th European SOFC Forum
  Wednesday 4 July 2012
      5kW Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Stack Assembled and Tested by NIMTE
  Monday 23 April 2012
      Improving Power Density of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Stacks Using A New Contacting Design
  Sunday 13 November 2011
      International Symposium on Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Technology Held in Ningbo on November 9-12
  Tuesday 10 May 2011
      Researchers from Poland visits FCET
  Monday 11 April 2011
      NIMTE advances in high-temperature electrolysis (HTE) using solid oxide electrolyzer cells (SOECs)
  Saturday 19 March 2011
      US National Academy of Engineering Member Dr. Subhash Singhal Visited NIMTE
  Tuesday 11 January 2011
      World-Famous Fuel Cell Expert Dr. Ulf Bossel visits NIMTE
  Thursday 23 December 2010
      New Advances in SOFC Stack Module Development at NIMTE
  Monday 8 November 2010
      Dave Ghosh from NRC Institute for Fuel Cell Innovation (Canada) Visited NIMTE
  Wednesday 27 October 2010
      2010 Sino-Swedish Fuel Cell and Application Workshop Hold in NIMTE
  Tuesday 7 June 2010
      UTRC Senior Leaders Visited NIMTE
  Thursday 27 May 2010
      GE Global Research Visited NIMTE
  Thursday 20 August 2009
      NIMTE developes the highest flexural strength SOFC cells
  Thursday 14 May 2009
      Record utilization of fuel applied in Solid Oxide Fuel Cell
  Wednesday 29 April 2009
      Great achievement in SOFC stack development
  Wednesday 11 March 2009
      The first Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) manufacturing line was established in China.
  Thursday 25 September 2008
      The Delegation of Fuel Cell Energy & Technology Division (FCET) attended 2008 China-Japan-Korea SOFC Symposium hold in Pohang, Korea.
  Saturday 5 July 2008
      The Delegation of Fuel Cell Energy & Technology Division (FCET) attended the 8th European Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Forum hold in Lucerne, Switzerland.