BREAKING!!! Successful Operation of 25 kW SOFC Power Generation System

The 25 kW SOFC Power Generation System by Ningbo SOFCMAN Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was put into operation successfully on Jan. 6th,2021 in SOFCMAN’s plant. Its power has reached 30.3 kW with the electrical efficiency 60.8% and the fuel utilization rate 79.8% on Jan. 8th, which meets the original design requirements.

It has been the fifth edition of 25 kW SOFC Power Generation System of SOFCMAN. The first edition has been started from 2016, which was also the first attempt of such a high power class SOFC system domestically. Meantime, various process technical routes have been improved. For example, the built-in intake manifold was changed to external one; the power of a single stack increased from 1 kW to 5 kW; the inlets of the single stack increased from 2 channels to 3 channels and then to 4 channels; the integrated structure of the multi-stack was adjusted and optimized. SOFCMAN has overcome lots of difficulties and accumulated rich experience.

Up to now, the system has been running stably for one week, with power maintained at 22 kW and fuel utilization maintained at 75%. Now it has been in the unattended stage, which is monitored and controlled remotely by SOFCMAN technicians through software. Welcome all customers and experts to witness the testing and share your guidance.